February 19, 2012

Craft Table Bliss!

I finally have a HUGE workspace for sewing, cutting, crafting and storage!
It is missing the bins from the top shelves but they are perpetually out of stock at IKEA- 
I couldn't wait to post anymore!! 
Materials Cost = $190.00 (shelves, plywood, cutting mat, hardware)

Are you really going to sew...standing up?  Yes Ma'am (or Sir)...for most quick craft things that is easy peasy
If I needed to do a big project I could move out to the dining room table
I  am much happier with a tall table to stand at than a table I can sit at...
and it keeps projects farther from my precious 3 year old's little mitts!!

The extra large cutting mat means that my entire workspace is indestructible...almost!

The size of my new workspace- never has to be cleared away! 

The size of my old workspace at the dining table

2 more things that don't need to be put away anymore

Now- lets get down to how and how much??

Tons of storage...IKEA & Home Depot
Green bins- $3 each (IKEA)
White/short bins for top slots- $2 each (IKEA) these are perpetually out of stock but I will get them someday!
Khaki bins- $5 for 3 clearance (Home Depot)

Rectangular Drawer organizers- already had them so I am not sure how much they are, but they are cheap (IKEA)
This is on the inside/underneath the table since the Khaki bins don't fit the entire length of the bottom

IKEA Trofast Frame (kids section) $39.99 each
IKEA Trofast Wall Unit (kids section) $24.99 each
The wall unit is 1/2 the width of the shelves but it creates a nice extra flat shelf for freezer paper/bolts of fabric

Home Depot- Cabinet Grade Plywood On Sale- $23 per sheet cut down to 39X60 (free since first 2 cuts are free)
A lot of DIY craft table posts on Pinterest use MDF but if the guy at The Home Depot is right:
MDF does not stand up to moisture- at all...any water on it will make it swell
Since this is for crafts as well as sewing, it is possible that it could get wet...
that and my tea getting dumped over on it (it will happen...I am sure!)
Regular Plywood is cheap but it is not smooth and usually already bowing at the store
Spend the extra $5 and get a piece of cabinet grade plywood...say NO to slivers!

How do you make it sturdy?  I am sure there are many ways...but, this was the easiest and cheapest
Home Depot Wood Joiners- in the clamp aisle
*These are sharp (my finger still hurts where I grabbed one on the wrong end)*

Nail 4 on each end to join the cabinet to the wall unit
Use the remainder to secure the plywood to the wall unit
It is sturdy and HEAVY at this point so make sure it is right where you want it before you put it all together
This also takes at least 2 people since the shelves are white laminate and are slippery-
you need someone to sit on it while you join the unit together

2 wood joiners on each end
1 on each end and 3 along the length
The cutting mat is from JoAnn Fabric- It is normally around $80-100 for one this large (38X59)
Keep a look out for deals....I got it for $32.99 on a one day sale
The cutting mat was actually my inspiration to create the table and the reason it is 39X60
It is also what lead me to the Trofast at IKEA...the pieces are exactly 39 inches in length

I also chose to cover the plywood with fabric:
1.  to bring in some color and fun
2. to make it more versatile
3. to save myself time in having to finish and paint it (but you could do that)
4. it acts as a quick pin cushion on the edges of the mat

*if you look real close...my scrapbooking containers are on the floor underneath...
these shelves as a base are not the best option if you are a scrapbooker (which I am not)
since they do not fit in the shelves

And, if you come visit...it's still my guest room and you can have it all to yourself!

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remmus said...

So cool! What a great idea! I collect the bins whenever I gomto IKEA and am super excited I found one of those base units for sale on craiges list. When I have the space, this will be my project so I can make projects.